Isaac Toussie Carries On the Good Works of the Father

Despite an economic environment where corporations cut costs that cut into charitable contributions, Isaac Toussie ‘s father Robert, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in all of New York, stays the course where his own giving is concerned, a tradition of philanthropy for which he has long been famous. A distinguished philanthropist at large on both the local and global scene, he is unwavering in his desire to easing the pain of others and donates large amounts of money to the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College at Cornell University.

In such a way, Isaac Toussie ‘s father helps support children’s medical studies.  The Toussie donations at Weill Medical College have been a huge boost in several areas throughout over the years, especially benefiting the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology. With Robert Toussie’s abiding support, Cornell University’s medical studies now rank among the best available in the field. Cornell pediatric endocrinologists work with those that experience challenges in their physical growth and sexual development during childhood. These endocrinologists also work with sufferers of Type 1 Diabetes and patients with disorders of the endocrine glands such as growth disorders, intersex disorders, hypoglycemia, and adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary problems.

Weill Cornell Medical College was founded in 1898 and is now one of the top-ranked clinical and medical research centers in the United States. With its triple mission of education, research, and patient care, the college offers degrees in medicine alongside PhD programs in biomedical research and education at the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. The school has been affiliated with what is now New York-Presbyterian Hospital since 1927, and also features important affiliations with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University, and the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Robert Toussie also mandates that his donations to the school be used for matching funds, allowing Weill Medical College to encourage other donors to give, and give more generously. Helping the less fortunate has long been a Robert and Isaac Toussie family commitment, and over the last decade this on-going effort to pay back the community has transformed from a solo mission of Robert Toussie’s to an imperative for the whole Toussie family. Robert’s son Isaac Toussie has extended this family dedication to bettering the lot of those not as fortunate, working in cooperation with several charities to aid the sick, blind and poor all over the country. It is well documented that thousands of people have been helped by the Toussies’ medical contributions: lives have been saved, suffering has been diminished, and illnesses have been treated and, in some cases, actually cured.

How Real Estate Is A Team Sport

Winning at real estate involves the right mix of skills – and people who understand that.

Forget all the late-night infomercials idealizing the lone-wolf investor.  Buying a house is not like buying stuff at a yard sale.  It isn’t even nearly comparable to buying a car, but rather much more complex by a factor of ten, at least, on average…no, buying a house is truly the single most expensive purchase most people will ever make in the seventy, eighty, ninety years of their lives.  Unlike other big-ticket items, however, buying a house involves so many steps and stages that what you really need is your own team of professionals to come out ahead – or even just break even – on the deal!

Yes, it’s that complicated.  In fact, even professional investors – okay, speculators – will resort to building a team themselves, one comprised of members with all the key technical skills necessary.  Of course, if you’re simply buying a home as opposed to investing in real estate you may not think any of this applies to you.  But you’d be wrong!  For general principles exist which do apply across the board, and it is advantageous to field your own dedicated staff of real estate professionals to spare your own eyes all the details, especially when they involve large numbers – and lots of them!

Naturally, you should be aware of what is going on, but professional advice never hurt, and since you’ve hired them anyway, why not let them do all the legwork!  That’s right, leave the heavy lifting to your hired guns.  Of course you’re smart enough to do it all on your own, but save yourself time and hassle and probably a good deal of money, too, in the proverbial long run: get the pros to represent your best interests, especially if it’s your first time involved in a real estate transaction of this nature.

And just what are the positions on a team in this sport?  Generally, only three: the real estate agent, the real estate appraiser, and your lender.  Of them all, the agent is the single most important person, and because of that you may want an actual realtor, some who is licensed by the National Association of Realtors and typically has a little more training than any self-described “agent.”

As for the other two spots, the takeaways are simply this: make sure that you are assigned only one representative to work with by your lender, and ensure that appraisers are indeed certified for the job!